Our Goal Is Simple

create a product to help consumers keep track of all the different strains and products they try.

The Problem

As more states legalize there are new consumers that are unaware of how to approach cannabis. Chronicle aims to help curb that, but also be accessible to someone who simply wants to keep track of their consumption.

Current apps on the market are geared towards MMJ patients, which make it feel like filling out medical forms in a doctors office.

We wanted something more casual but also convenient to use. A way to keep a record of strains you want to try, but also be able to browse through strains you’ve already rated.

In comes Chronicle that makes it easy to log & rate what you’re consuming rather than writing it all in a journal.

  • 01Lack Of Education
  • 02Quick & Easy
  • 03Keep It Casual & Convenient
  • 04No Purchase History or Wish List

The Solution

A web platform where users can log and rate their own cannabis strains and experiences

Learn More

Understand what your body reacts to, what you don’t like and discover what you like.

Save Money

By tracking your consumption you’ll be able to monitor how fast you’re consuming your cannabis.

End the Stigma

As you use and share Chronicle you are helping normalize the consumption of cannabis.

Our Mission

To provide our users with an easy and simple approach to rating and keeping track of their cannabis strains, products and experiences.

About The Founders

Over a year ago we started Resin Refinery, a boutique branding studio, set out to help cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs define their niche, connect with their audience and create must-have products. During this time we noticed a need for an app like Chronicle.

The industry is evolving rapidly and with it there is a lack of education and understanding; Something we hope to help curb with Chronicle. After all, who can remember ALL the weed they’ve smoked? Our goal is to help as many consumers keep track and understand what strains they like, why they like them and how much they like them.

Founders Travis Kwielford & Enrique Alvarado | Cannabis Cup 2019 | Detroit, Michigan