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Chronicle is a quick and simple approach to logging and rating your favorite strains of cannabis.

Rate Your High - Chronicle Weed Log

“This makes keeping track of what I’m smoking so easy & has helped me try out new strains”

- Travis Kwielford
Rate Your High - Chronicle Weed Log Rate Your High - Chronicle Weed Desktop Dashboard

Why use chronicle?

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Understand what your body reacts to, what you don’t like and discover what you like.

Save Money

By tracking your consumption you’ll be able to monitor how fast you’re consuming your cannabis.

End the Stigma

As you use and share Chronicle you are helping normalize the consumption of cannabis.

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Rating in 3 steps


Type in your strain

Open up Chronicle, type in the strain you’re consuming, and boom. You’re halfway done.


Rate your high

Next, rate how the high you’re feeling on a scale of 0 - 10, with 10 being the best high you’ve ever had and 0 being a strain you most likely won’t purchase again.


You're done!

That’s it. You’re done! But if you want to add more information, you can!

Rate Your High - Chronicle Weed Log Rate Your High - Chronicle Weed Log Rate Your High - Chronicle Weed Log

Your Questions Answered

  • How long does it take to rate a strain?

    One way Chronicle is different is how quick you can rate and log a strain. Type in the strain, rate it out of 10 and you’re done in under 10 seconds. We want to eliminate the feeling of dread when filling out medical forms at a doctor’s office. Chronicle is easy and simple way to keep track of your chronic.
  • Can I add more info other than a rating?

    Yes, after rating the strain out of 10, you have the options to add notes or to fill out more details in regards to your experience. Things like duration of the high, type of high and THC content can all be added in this section.
  • Can I add information about terpenes?

    We are currently working to bring this feature to Chronicle. Brands are starting to release more information about their strains and we understand that being able to record that information is vital.
  • I’m not a MMJ patient, can I use Chronicle?

    Yes, Chronicle is not limited to medical marijuana patients. Any cannabis consumer who wants to keep track of all the different types of strains and cannabis products can use Chronicle.
  • Do I need to live in a legal state to use it?

    No, because Chronicle is a web-app, it is accessible anywhere the web is available.
  • Who can use Chronicle?

    Chronicle is open to any cannabis consumer user aged 18 and older. If you’re trying cannabis for the first time, an experienced consumer or even a medical marijuana patient, Chronicle can help you keep track of your chronic.
  • Is it accurate to use sativa, indica or hybrid?

    There is a debate among the cannabis world regarding the classifications of cannabis. We do not think the “in the couch” indica or “energetic” sativa are as relevant anymore as we learn more. However trying to come up with a entirely new system while cannabis is not legal doesn’t seem likely. Instead we are using it as a mere indicator of the plant leaf style.
  • Is chronicle available on the App Store?

    With the current cannabis laws, we are erring on the side of caution and keeping Chronicle as a web-app until further legislation deems it legal. Currently you can access Chronicle on the web for free. We do plan on going to iOS and Android in the future.

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